This blog is started by Wouter Tebbens.

In the 1990’s I studied mechanical engineering and obtained a Master of Science in Production and Operations Management. Though I learned about production techniques I specialised in processes.

After some years working as logistics consultant, process optimisation and in business development, I decided it was time to start up my own little business. A company offering services based on Free Software. From there I got more politically active as advocate of Free Software and Open Standards. Some years later I helped co-found the Free Knowledge Institute. A wonderful idea – to apply the principles of Free Software to other realms of knowledge -, and a great team by the way.

Now in this blog I try to combine these backgrounds and find out what the ideas of copyleft, Free Software, Free Knowledge, open development and commons-based peer production applied to hardware (product designs, machines, manufacturing) really means and may become. In short, what’s happening in this incredibly exciting field, where people are sharing designs for not only products but machines, working together to build hacklabs, community workspaces, fablabs and home workshops. I suggest to call them “microfactories” and I want to know all about it. Be welcome to join me on this journey!

Copyright -> Copyleft
Anything on this site can be reproduced without restriction, while preserving this freedom for others. And always give credit where credit is due. That’s the major innovation brought to us by copyleft. The concrete conditions for reproduction can be found in this Creative Commons license.



One thought on “About

  1. Wouter,

    Can you help the Global Village Construction Set via design, prototyping, or organizational assistance?

    Email me at marcin@ose.org.


    Posted by marcinose | 18/01/2012, 05:12

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