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Imagining the (R)Urban Commons in 2040

Originally posted on CommonsBlog:
I was delighted to give a key-note talk at the First IASC Thematic Urban Commons Conference last week in Bologna. Here are my speech and the slides. The most beautiful ones were produced by Nikolas Kichler. ******** In 2040, one generation from now, I will be more than 70 years old…

Free Knowledge and Commons Perspectives for Industrial Production

Mid March it was my turn to provide the session in the Escuela de los Commons (School of Commons) in Barcelona. I had promised to present (see slides) the perspectives of commons and free knowledge applied to “industrial production”. In this post I will try to summarise the session. Introduction Wikipedia has won much “marketshare” … Continue reading

Open Source Ecology

Open Source Ecology is an ambitious project to develop self-sufficient human-scale high-tech communities with the basic machinery and tools for production of all, or most of, the goods necessary to live a comfortable life in a small community. Supported by modern technology and working in a globally networked environment, its members shouldn’t have to work … Continue reading

From Free Software to Hardware

Over the last three decades we have seen how collaborative production in software development communities has made available all sorts of software under non-exclusive conditions, as Free Software, or Open Source. Certain trends suggest that in the coming years we may see something similar in the production of physical goods. Well, tangible goods are of … Continue reading

Welcome at the microfactoria!

Welcome at the microfactoria! In this blog I will write down my research and learning experiences about microfactories. Inspired by the Free Software movement, there is a similar movement going on in hardware production. If you look around (thorougly) you can see lots of small scale production centres popping up: community run home workshops, hacklabs, … Continue reading

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