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Welcome at the microfactoria!

Welcome at the microfactoria! In this blog I will write down my research and learning experiences about microfactories. Inspired by the Free Software movement, there is a similar movement going on in hardware production. If you look around (thorougly) you can see lots of small scale production centres popping up: community run home workshops, hacklabs, FabLabs and neighbourhood microfactories working with often self produced cheap machinery and tools, to satisfy personal and local needs, collaborating in networks and avoiding any non-material costs like “intellectual property” rents, capital investment rents or unneeded government licensing to produce a wide range of products. Products that we were used to buy from mass producing multinational enterprises, with serious transportation, marketing and overhead costs. It maybe that times are changing? Well, that’s what we are going to find out about in the Microfactoria Blog!

LifeTrac tractor by Open Source Ecology



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